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My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

Keto, or known as Ketogenic has become popular in the past year. I remember when I started Keto Direct 11 months ago many people asked "what is this Keto you are talking about?". 
I discovered/started Keto because I wanted to get my health on track (I tried everything else without results). Keto may come across to a lot of people that it is a weight dieting fad, which is totally fine if it is your goal. Beside weight loss, it is also a way of eating for many of us to fix our health, mental and physical states.
Since 2 and a half years ago, from someone who take medication almost on a daily basis, visit doctors, specialists, doing different sort of tests on a regular basis. Any medical tests you can think of, I pretty much done. The result showed I was fine but, I felt so sick all the time. Until I met a health professional who was/is on a Ketogenic lifestyle, he open my eyes to see a whole different path. A path that many people thought was not a healthy way. Little did many know that eating high fat (healthy fat) and cut out all these staple carbs we been having all our life was the way. I must say it was tricky in the beginning because you need to re- educate yourself what food keeps you healthy. Also throwing away sugar and carb treats was tough.
2 and a half years later, my health has improved significantly, losing 3-4 sizes in clothing is a strawberry on top of a almond meal cake 😆. When I visit my GP,  they don't agree with Keto but they can't explain how my blood tests result come back all beautifully.
My conclusion has comes to this, I am not a professional, I can't give you all scientific figures and paper you need/want to see, but for 2 and a half years of being on a Ketogenic lifestyle, I have never felt better and I never thought I would have this energy to run my super hectic life. I can feel so recharge with only 5 to 6 hours of sleep. If you've just started your Keto journey, give it time, results will show. Keto on!

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