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Body Image

Body Image

Body image
A topic most of us have been through or going through. Coming from an Asian background, I constantly receive comments like "Oh all Asian are skinny", " You guys never put on weight " etc. The reality is, I wish it is the case😆. Back to when I was a teenager, we were trained/brainwashed into competition amongst family, friends and peers. "I wish I can be slim like her", " I wish I can be 45kgs", I wish I can have tiny waist like her" etc. Today, I am glad to say, I am happy with my current size, it doesn't matter if the scales is not showing me numbers on what "Society think is right", it doesn't matter that I am not a size 6, 4 or less, it doesn't matter that I don't have tone legs and arms like a supermodel, it doesn't matter I don't have abs like an athlete. 
However, it DOES MATTER I FEEL CONFIDENT about myself, it DOES MATTER how I FEEL GOOD about myself, it DOES MATTER my HEALTH is getting better, it DOES MATTER I LISTEN TO MY BODY and not exhausting it, it DOES MATTER I LOVE MYSELF and will take "Self Care Time"
There are so many different standards to define "Fitness & Beauty". The one thing you need to come to realize is if you don't see the good in yourself, you will never be good enough.
Start learning to appreciate yourself, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, no one is perfect but that's ok, because we are perfectly human.
❤Beauty comes in all sizes❤

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