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My meals

My meals

My meals
Most days I practice 16/8 Intermitted Fasting. My last meal is at 7pm until 11am the next day. If I do feel like breakfast, the following menu will apply: 
2 eggs (soft boiled, hard boiled, scrambled with butter, sunny side up). A few cherry tomatoes, spinach (fresh or cooked) sprinkled with Hemp heart topper, handful of seed and nuts. 
avocado, cheese, eggs 
Fat head bread rolls, cucumber, Little zebra chocolate (Yup I am random😛) 
Or Locako Coffee Creamer with coffee
Stir-fry vegetables and a serving of meat add Melrose Mct oil
Broth me bone broth, a plate of veggies, a serving of seafood/fish. 
Zero Noodles with broth me bone broth, serving of meat and veggies
Fat Head Pizza with a side of salad 
Pan fry crispy salmon, kimchi and cabbage soup, handful of seeds and nuts. 
Steak, Roasted veggies sprinkled with pimp my salad toppers
Home-made fish cake dip with Keto Kitchen Corner relish, a side veggies and Fat Head bread. 
Found some ideas from our recipes! When I am busy, they are my life saver! 
Home baked goodies. I used Nuts About Life almond meal and psyllium husk! I am very thankful to have a husband very good at cooking :) 
-Nuts-About nuts are also my favourite on the go snack 
Homemade jam drops, I use Keto Kitchen Corner jam 
I also always make sure to drink my 2.5 litres of fluid (water, tea) per day.  
Be aware of your own recommended fluid intake and take my meal plan above as research information. Eat lots of greens! Always consult your health professional for any advice or recommendations concerning your dietary intake.
Be creative! The more options you have on your Keto menu the more likely you will stick to them😊 Meal prep also helps🙋


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This is awesome! Thanks for the info

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