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You Got This!

You Got This!

Good morning!!! Happy Weekend!! What a week we had in Australia? Although there are many uncertain factors for most of us, remember to focus on what you have control over so we can stay focused and positive! Today I want to share my list what I am in control of with you, and please share yours to keep each other motivate 🙋
I have control of-
- How I feel when I wake up in the morning
- Maintaining healthy eating habits to fuel the body to feel good
- Spend my time and energy on people and things that makes me happy
- Enjoying the fresh air (after the horrible bushfires)
- Tidy and clean the house to make everyone feel comfort and safe
- Cook delicious food for our taste buds and eyes to enjoy
- Staying active and fit whilst indoors
- Spending time with my kids and remember we will do our best to provide for these beautiful beings
- Be kind to others and offer help whenever I can
- Choose what I read and listen, make sure don't let the media depress us any further
- Focus on how to adapt new changes and stay positive
Yes, there are things we have little control over but there are also lots of things we can make better. It is all about your prospective ❤ Have a wonderful weekend❤❤❤

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