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My First 3 Days Egg Fast

My First 3 Days Egg Fast

✏My first 3 days egg fast 🍳
👉FYI I don't weight myself these days anymore as it been stressing me out since I was a teenager. My way of measuring progress is by non scale victories and photos👈
Ok, as one of my new year goal is to try out new things! Egg fast has been one thing I've always wanted to try but have procrastinated because the thoughts of no veggies (how do I 💩)and no snacks (how will I survive) 😱😱😱😱. 
So after our holiday, we all gained a food baby. My 4 years old came up to me and rub my belly, he asked "mummy what's this?" I knew I had to do something! I am not good at extended fasting, so why not take the opportunity to try the egg fast?
I finally stepped up to the challenge. A special thanks to @no.meato.keto who came up with all the amazing egg fast recipes as well as information (you can find them in her story highlight). 
So, these are some of my tips.
1. In preparation, the day before I started to egg fast, I loaded myself up with veggies and keto food that I wanted, this way I most likely could stick to the 3 days instead of thinking of snacking.
2. Find as many recipes as I can! Also, start with a positive mind; Think "I want to try this and this." Not, "Ahhh I only can have eggs, cheese and butter!" Get excited about it!! 
3. Find a egg fast buddy! I had Peter on board with me and believe me! It make such a big different when you have a fasting buddy! If they are in same home, it makes encouragement much more effective.
4. Electrolytes!!!! It is very important to keep your electrolytes up while doing an egg fast to prevent/reduce Keto Flu symptoms.
5. Do your research! Just like anything, not everyone is suitable for an egg fast so make sure observe your body, if you are feeling unwell STOP!!
6. Consult your health care professionals if you have any concerns or have health conditions.
How do I feel? 
Disclaimer: These symptoms are based on my own observations, I have been on keto for over 3 years, which means I don't get as much keto flu symptoms comparing to someone who just started Keto. Results will vary from person to person.
On my first day I was feeling bit weak and had a light headache. I had my period on the first day when I started so it could also be the reason. I fasted for a minimum of 16 hours each day for 3 days. 
To be honest, I didn't feel hungry or need snacks, but I did feel constantly thirsty! 
I had 2 meals a day, lunch and dinner, big change for someone who loves snacking (when you surrounding by all these yummy food everyday😅😅)
Second day, I felt fine, just little weak (believe it was due to period, but no headache).
Day 3 I felt amazing even though the night before I only had 4 hours broken sleep. Like normally I would reach out for a cup of coffee, but I didn't! 
So what about the 💩situation...... 
Day 1: 🚫 💩
Day 2: Normal 💩
Day 3: Diarrhea
I am guessing the body is flushing out all the junk! I didn't have a stomach cramps or pain, just simply needed to go. 
If you are planning to do an egg fast, you may want to make sure you have toilet access or not starting a long road trip! 😉😆
Hope the above information is helpful to you! It wasn't as hard as I thought and I will aim for 5 days next time!. 

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