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❤Isolation & Reset❤
Just like that, we are getting used to this new norm lifestyle for the last couple of months. I still remember we were so lost and anxious because it is something new to us. 
Today, we are learning and adapting, our priorities has shifted and our routine has a new pattern. Crisis brings out the best of people or unfortunately the worst in some cases. 
Experts says your personality determines how you handle this kind of situation. You either take this as an opportunity to reset your life, or you waste time on being worried. This new norm has affected almost everyone's life but it is not the end of the world. 
Remember, although we are staying home unless for essential reasons, still remind yourself of your worth. Look after yourself and selfcare is not an option, it is essential. For myself, I look forward to my weekly shopping day, I dressed myself in clothing I feel good in, I put on my make up and spray my favorite perfume because that is my type of selfcare. 
Wishing you all are staying safe, happy, and well❤

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