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Egg Fast recipe- Jiggle Jiggle Souffle

Egg Fast recipe- Jiggle Jiggle Souffle

Jiggle Jiggle Souffle 😁
Hi everyone! After I posted this on my story I have received many DM's for the recipe! Here is my modification turning @no.meato.keto egg pancake into souffle (P.S. I still couldn't believe I master it on my first go✌😁) 
5 large eggs
200g cream cheese
1. Beat cream cheese and eggs until all combined. Don't over beat just mix well is enough
2. Use silicon muffin mould and pour mixture fill up to 80% full
3. Bake for 30 mins on 170 degrees
4. Serve warm to get the fluffy texture, serve cold for a eggy tart texture
5. If I can do it, anyone can because I am hopeless in baking 😉🤣
Note: I used half a teaspoon of Walden Farm maple syrup on each souffle to serve
If you are looking for more egg fast ideas/menu, check out @no.meato.keto feed!! ! She is amazing ❤

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