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Overcome fears

Overcome fears

Overcome fears
If you've been following us since last year, you would probably know I have set myself some new year goals to work on. During our recent holiday, I have decided to tick off one of my fear off the list- Wear a swimwear only without anything on top to cover up, getting out of my comfort zone. After giving birth to my kids, my body has changed dramatically with 22 KGS weight gained and the effects of pregnancy. 
Ever since I started Keto, not only has my health is getting better, my mindset has also changed, it's with special thanks to this positive and amazing Keto community which we collectively motivate and inspire one another! 
I started to accept this is who I am and I no longer want to chase or please others. I will work on my own goals without keeping check what are others are up to. 
So here we are, this is me, me in my wearing swimwear, without anything to cover up. It may seem easy to others, but I have been very self-conscious with my body, this takes a lots of courage and I am so glad and proud I have done it! 
Got to say it wasn't easy, because I did this at Bondi Beach, one of the most popular beaches with lots of perfect swimwear bodies constantly flashing in front of you. 😅😅
Passing on loads of thank yous to all of your beautiful and supportive messages on the day when I posted this on my story.🙇‍♀️ Honestly without this community I don't think I would have done this. 
Everyone has different set of goals, I wish you all the best on your Keto journey, you don't need to aim for dramatic changes, as long as it is consistent, focus on your own progress, try your best without over-stressing yourself, you will get there ❤
P.S. Still feeling hesitate about posting this but post it anyway! Life is too short to have too much hesitations! 😝❤

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