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See yourself in the mirror

See yourself in the mirror

Today I want to share with you, how your body shape can look from different  angles and poses! We often see what we believe are picture perfect photos on social media or magazines, then we take it as what we want to look like.
Always remember, nearly all of these photos have been instructed by professional how they should pose, perfect lighting, perfect angle, makeup, hair etc. And after all, nearly all photos are still filtered and touched up. 
My constant reminder is:
Don't compare yourself to anyone or photos you see from others. The only person you should make a comparison to is yourself.
Beauty comes in all size, the most beautiful people are those who can see "Thier true selves" in the mirror, be beautiful inside. Be confident about yourself, see your worth. Do things that people remember positively, don't let appearances fool people or worse, yourself.
**These photos are raw, no filters/editing**

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