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Keto Life Reality

Keto Life Reality

Often when people know how old I actually am, they are very surprised. Being a mum of two young kids, to be honest, I never thought I would look like this at the age 40. Rewind back to before I started Keto, I had so many health issues and the fats (I saw in the mirror) that just didn't go away. 
Whatever diets you heard of, I most likely have tried, nothing works for long, and old eating habits set back in. 
Until one day I discovered Keto, a way of eating that I enjoy. This way of eating finally put my health back on track, losing unwanted weight and looking better was a bonus.
Lots of people ask me what do I eat? As I have been on Keto for a while, I will admit I am not always on Keto food 100% of the time. I do occasionally enjoy some "Non-Keto food". However, I never let myself go too far to eat all those high carbs/sugar food, I do know what it will do to me.
Keto is a lifestyle, so occasionally if you have a special event or special occasion happening, don't feel you are being left out! Instead of eating a whole slice of cake and few glasses of wine, you could settle for a couple of spoonful of cake a glass of wine to enjoy. You still enjoy the moment, but not destroy your progress. Whenever you feel like eating non-Keto food, just think of it as a "Special occasion food". DO NOT schedule it in your routine, it's not a cheat meal day that we have all heard of. It is an occasion that you allow yourself to enjoy the moment with your loved ones and friends. So after you enjoy, you go back to Keto. It is this simple.
If you just started Keto, it's highly recommend not doing too many non-Keto occasion just yet, because you will easily get carried away. 
Keto bring so much benefits to how we feel and has been helping many of us to get our health back on track. Remember you are what you eat, be patience, the result will eventually show❤ Be confident and acknowledge each progress you made❤

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