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Approaching my 5th Ketoversary

Approaching my 5th Ketoversary

Approaching my 5th Ketoversary

If you ask me to name my top 10 best decision I have made in life so far, starting my keto life would definitely be one of them.

I was someone who always fell sick on a regular basis, always carried a bag of medication in my handbag, lack of energy, brain fog, and more. This all became history 4 years ago, I didn't want to use medication to suppress my symptoms, I needed to find out the root causes.

Keto helped me find my health, I finally enjoy my life with my family, without holding back. I can finally attend all the functions I used to miss out on due to being ill. I can feel and see myself in the mirror, and not be trapped with the number jail. All thanks to keto.

Eating the right food does not only give you the nutrients your body needs, it also help your brain function better. I used to think eating healthy; was staying clear of "fats", then after studying my nutrition course, I learnt there are many types of fats, some types are what our body needs to function.

Am I always 100% keto? I would be lying to you if I said yes. However, I do stick to keto 80- 90% of the time, I allow myself to go off track momentarily as I know I have the mind power to get back on track. I started the first 2 years on strict keto, which, let's say, life was less colourful compared to now.

I was able to switch to flexible keto since then because I still loving the benefits of keto, and didn't want to get back to my old eating habits. For myself, I have tried low carb, but there is just too much temptations, often I would find myself back to the old way of eating which didn't help.

It is so important to not feel restricted with the plan/way of eating you have picked, you should still enjoy what you are eating instead of thinking I wish there was something else.

Overcoming your internal mind games is very important to get a successful outcome. You need to understand how and why you are doing it. If you want to loose weight, you most likely switch to foods that wasn't on your usual menu, be in calories deficit and exercise. If you want to improve your health, eat whole food as often as you can. Allow yourself to have a treat here and there because life is about balance.

When you ask people how long will it takes to loose 10kgs, ask yourself how long did it take you to gain 10kgs. There is no magic pill, you will need to put in the effort and time if you want results. Stop asking for quick fixes, set your mind on the right track, understand if you want to get to your goal, you need to work for it.

Also, don't forget your current weight could be someone else's goal weight. Be kind to yourself❤ Believe it or not, eating the right foods can make me look this different, even though the scales doesn't agree but who gives a 💩💩💩

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