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Trust the progress

Trust the progress

I had my kids quite late, I was worried about the responsibilities and how it will effect my body. I was someone who was self conscious with my look, I always fantasized being slim like a celebrity/models. I gained 22 kgs with my first child, my body and weight was stubborn, no matter what I did, my size just stayed! 
Until I started Keto, I started noticing the changes. Not dramatically but steady. I never imagine my belly area can look like this again from 2 babies (my belly was huge while pregnant). I used to exercise 2 hour daily, 6 days a week. Now I keep my daily steps up, go for walk when I can and do my Sunday workout (I do lots of heavy lifting during the week with receiving stock😉). I used to eat food that I didn't enjoy and ended up binge eating. Now I enjoy my food, I allow myself to have some "Non- Keto" occasionally. Guess what? I may some days do overindulge myself with some keto treats but at least not a whole pizza! I don't blame myself and feel sad about what "Non- Keto" food I ate because I chose to have a flexible Keto lifestyle which I eat Keto most of the time but also allow myself to celebrate with people I love who aren't Keto. 
I believe you would have read this somewhere:
" Trust the progress! It may be slow but they will eventually show" It is never too late to start and feel good!
Keep smashing your goals and don't let anything stop you because you will eventually get to where you want if you keep looking forward!

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