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When and how should I introduce healthy eating to my family

When and how should I introduce healthy eating to my family

Does your little ones loves lollies? My boys just like every other kids, they love their snacks and sweets! We have a mixture of sweets and snacks at home, a majority are sugar free and keto/low carb. We don't restrict them, we educate them. Sometime when they see something at the supermarket that I allow them to taste and experience, but we never stock up on those snacks. Since they were young I educated them about a healthy balance eating, because I want them to be able to make smart choices about food.

Want to know what's the progress so far? If you offer them sugar free and an ordinary sweet option, they choose the sugar-free ones. Their taste buds aren't used to the full sugar things, and they feel yuck after eating them. They understand what protein, carb and healthy fat are. They may be young, but their brains are like little sponges, so don't miss out on the opportunity to teach them! Also, make sure you are the role model to show your children by eating healthy with them.

Just like adults, don't restrict yourself from not eating certain foods, but educate yourself why you wouldn't eat them. There is a lot of mixed information out there which can confuse. However, remember that eating healthy a majority of the time is an investment for your health, of which you still have a choice. Choose foods that will make you feel good! I started Keto in Sept 2017, tried low carb a few times but my body didn't like it. I do understand there is no one way of eating that can suit everyone! So pick the one that will work for you! If one option isn't covering all areas, no one said you can't combine a few ways to make it work, enjoyable and be sustained for the long term.

The earlier you introduce healthy eating/options to your children, the easier for them to make the smart choices down the track. Start putting healthier snacks in your pantry and let them experience ❤

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