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How can keto/low carb way of eating benefit you

How can keto/low carb way of eating benefit you

Often we receive messages from customers who are just starting Keto and may not completely understand what we can benefit with a Keto way of eating. Here are some key points which you may consider/experience:

-It is highly effective on reducing blood sugar and insulin levels
-Encourages you to read nutritional labels and be aware of ingredients
-Understand how you can fuel your body with the right foods and regain your health the natural way
-Improve metabolism
-Keto is not a diet trend, it is a way of eating and lifestyle
-If you started Keto purely of thinking about weight loss, you need to do more research to understand what exactly Keto is
-There is a stage of transition called Keto Flu, from switching your body's energy source
-To manage other health conditions
-Increase energy to make you feel better
-Suppresses hunger which can benefit those who are trying to lose some excess weight
-Improve gut health and reduced inflammation with balanced low carb/keto foods
-Especially beneficial for those who don't have a highly active lifestyle, we are what we eat

Know someone who is starting or getting misinformed on what Keto is about? Send this to them! All the information can be found at many truthworthy health professional sites and books that are written by health professionals.

We have an amazing group of low carb doctors and professionals in Sydney @sydneylowcarb who can also assist to answer your questions.

If you are not in Sydney please search online for your local low carb/keto doctors for further information.

Always remember to get information from health professionals sources.

Just like any kind of diet, it is not one size fits all. However, if you could include some of the lower carb/keto options in your lifestyle, reduce your sugar and carb intake it could make a difference at the end.

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