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Be kind and sensible for what you say to others ❤

Be kind and sensible for what you say to others ❤

Be kind and sensible with what you say to others ❤

What other people see and comment-

"Wow, you have gained lot of weight!"

I want to share this, especially to mothers. We all understand how much we want to get back to our pre-baby bodies, and poor or badly timed comments from others could easily bring us down. Our hormones is doing most of the talking after giving birth. I been there, twice, went through all sort of Cristisim/comments from - Strangers, family, mothers who have kids; and they should know better.

Listen to this, you are trying the best you can to run the family, feed the little ones, yet you still need to deal with all the crap that comes your way.

Trust me, it is not freaking worth your time to take any of this pointless and insensitive comments to heart when they simply just look at you and start judging your appearance and ignore what you are dealing with.

The reality-
What she is dealing with-(Then)
-Lack of sleep
-Hormone imbalance
-She had her first child at 32, her body takes longer to recover
-She had cesarean, she couldn't exercise right away after operation
-Push herself to exercise with hectic routine and collapse numerous of times
-Tried all sorts of diet and aim to get back to her pre-baby weight as quick as possible, and not enjoying the food
-Constantly comparing herself to everyone

-She realized it will take time to lose the weight that she gained throughout the pregnancy
-She understand hormone will take time to settle after breastfeeding, the hard work and payoff is just underneath.
-She is just a normal mother who gave birth to her beautiful child, she has no personal trainer, nutritionist, helper like celebrities, so she is dealing with what she can
-Weight loss doesn't happen overnight, it will take time, just like how you gained them
-No matter what diet you are trying, the only way it can work is by sticking to it, and not rushing for result, most importantly, ON A CALORIE DEFICIT
-She focuses on herself, only compare herself to herself
-She find a way of eating she enjoy, being realistic and is beneficial for her health

Most importantly, she take zero 💩💩💩 about  people who want to make her feel less of herself🙌

You got this mummies. You know this is only temporary, if you are eating right, stay active, on a calorie deficit, and choose good habits, the weight of the world will come off❤

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