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What Foods Are Keto?

What Foods Are Keto?

In the past years, we have seen more and more versions of "Keto Way Of Eating".

To be clear, there isn't a right or wrong version. As long as it helps and achieves what your goal is and not upsetting your body, then it is what you should stick to.

For myself and Keto Direct, we base it on the original version of Keto way of eating. We minimize/eliminate the intake of certain food groups that may cause inflammation.
We avoid- Grains, legumes, sugar, fruits(Except berries) and starch. We focus on whole foods, protein, good fats and vegetables. This version of Keto way of eating you can find from many reliable sources.

However, since everyone's body and goals are different, more different versions of "Keto way of eating" has become a controversial topic.

I personally do not represent any particular way of Keto eating, I will support all types of healthy eating ways. As long as your body likes it, your mind likes it, you are achieving your goals, then why need to care what version?

For myself, since my body is very sensitive to certain foods (I have PCOS and a sensitive stomach), therefore I am much stricter with my list of food . But, this doesn't mean I won't enjoy some potatoes,an apple, a slice of bread here and there. I follow Keto 80% of the time, so if I eat an apple occasionally is not going kill me. Don't make your Keto life feel like you are restricting yourself, that is not the aim.

In saying this, if I have a high sugar piece of cake then I can get very sick. Because my body is not used to it anymore. Once your body is used to have certain food as fuel, any other type of food you eat your body will usually react to them (Making you feel uncomfortable/unwell).

At the end of the day, find the right version of "Keto way of eating" depends on you. My aim is not about staying in ketosis, but to fuel my body with good food, which includes good fat, whole foods, low carb, plenty of vegetables for good health. Happy Ketoing! Be kind and supportive to one another❤

**All statements are opinion only, please consult your health professionals before starting any type of diets. **

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