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Every little progress counts

Every little progress counts

Every little progress counts
Good morning everyone! 
At times, we forget how far we have come to until we flip through our old photos and reminisce. Everyone's progress is different and a majority of us want results right away! But remember, it did take time (many years for some) to put on the unwanted extra weight/fat/health issues. So it will take time to reverse this. 
My previous me was obsessed with scale numbers, and as a result, I was depressed and anxious with my result for years. Comparing the scale numbers from now to what it was 12 hours ago would often be the norm. Then I would make excuses where that 100g weight gain could have come from. This continued for many years and every time I showed a little loss of weight on the scales, it was an empty victory as I dreaded how, where and when that extra kilo was going to show up.
Forward to my new Keto life, I don't weight myself often these days (maybe once in a Blue moon for curiosity). The way how I measure my progress and small wins are non scale measurements.(Some NSV suggestions are at the bottom of the post)
My goal on a Keto way of eating is to fix my health. Then surprisingly (duh...) weight loss happened, my mental health improved significantly, my energy levels are at a all time high. It was and is amazing to see the benefits of healthy fats and eating right!
3 years later being on Keto, I had a couple times where I went off for a month because of holidays, and I thought it would be me saying goodbye to some food which I may never see again (I needed to mourn my way😁). 
The aftermath is I suffered, suffered greatly with all the side effects from carbs and sugar literally rushing back to me. It took me quite some time to adjust back because the carb and sugar addiction is real, it does not want to let you go like a mutual break up. I felt it for weeks, and obviously everyone's body is different. But with increasing studies on Keto/Low carb eating, results are showing us that what we used to know and believe has changed. Types of foods we eat these days are different to what our parents/grandparents used to eat, we also have become more educate and aware on what foods we eat. There is more professionals who solely focus on research and are there to communicate and assist us to understand.
Whichever style of Keto you are on, as long as it works for you and you are eating a balance Keto (Not just bacon and egg please🙈) , I would like to wish you all the best and achieve your goal 🙌
Here are some non scale measurements which I use:
1. Take body measurements
2. Health conditions
3. Belt length
4. Clothing sizes
5. Ring sizes
6. Collar bones
7. Cheek bones
8. Mental clarity
9. Energy level
10.Skin conditions
11. Progress photos

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