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Why we shouldn't compare ourself to others

Why we shouldn't compare ourself to others

Have you ever think of while you want to be look like someone, as strong as others, as slim as others, there are also someone want to look like you? As a woman and mother, I can say it is quite challenging to keep up to the society standards!!! But the fact is, have you look back a few years or few months ago, how far you have come to? Not necessarily appearance wise, your mental health, your overall health, how confident you feel etc. There is no such thing as " Perfect weight " Or "Perfect body Shape" if all you do is " Comparing yourself to someone else". You have to understand those models and celebrities you are admiring they have professionals watching their diet and train closely, oh and don't forget angle and filters too!

In my opinion, perfect weight and perfect body shape is when you look into the mirror, feel confident about yourself, you can see how far you have come to, you feel good and healthy, you have adapt your lifestyle into your role( between work, family, friends etc) . Of course setting goals is essential, but don't let goals stress you out. If you slip off occasionally don't waste time to blame yourself, instead move on and start a new day.


All the best with your journey ❤


Lots of love,


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