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How 3.5 week travelling/Indulging affects my body

How 3.5 week travelling/Indulging affects my body

How 3.5 weeks of indulging affects my body
In January I came back from a 3.5 weeks of holiday, it involved lots and lots of meetings with people, friends and families. I was in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 6 different locations with uncountable temptations (in foods). During the trip I gained 4.5 kgs which, honestly was much less than I expected because I been ate from 9am till 12am midnight most days. 
So how was it like to travel with Keto lifestyle in my mind?
In the first week my mind was still strong, I ate mostly Keto but maybe 5 times more than usual. I did have a bit of sweets/carbs here and there to try out something new. From the second week onward, I begin to allow myself to have bit more carb and sweet. Overall the whole trip I have stuck to Keto 50%.
The thing is, I was very disciplined before the trip, the 3.5 weeks of changing foods, it has effected my body quite dramatically, I believe different environment also partly responsible. (This is my personal experience which doesn't apply to everyone)
What happened (to my body/health)?
1. First time in a year my period was delay by 3 weeks
2. My face started having lots of flat pimples
3. I begin to experience stomach issue which, I haven't had since I started Keto
4. I had the worst flu and took over a week to fully recover. Whilst on Keto my flu usually took a couple days to recover
5. I felt tried and sleepy all the time
6. I craved for carb and sugary food, I was always hungry even though I was eating constantly
To be honest I am really suprised with how much my body reacted. I didn't think by eating differently for 3.5 weeks could do so cause so many changes to my body. I'm glad to be back on my Keto journey after a bit of sidetracking.

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