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How fasting/ eating pattern effect body weight experiment (7 days experiment)

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How fasting/ eating pattern effect body weight experiment (7 days experiment)
Starting at 63.6 kg after a feast
Day 1- 62.7( mid- day) 
(after ends 18 hours fast 62.2)
Day 2- 61.3
Day 3- 60.8
Day 4- 60.3
Day 5- 60.3
Day 6- 60.1
Day 7- 61.2 (After a night out, last meal was 11pm) 
Side note- My period due in 7 days while I took this weight, within this period my body retain more fluid and weight can fluctuate somewhere in between 1 to 3 kgs.
Fasting pattern-
Day 1-18 hrs
Day 2-17 hrs
Day 3-16 hrs
Day 4-14 hrs
Day 5-18 hrs
Day 6-14 hrs
I have 2 meals a day, last meal will depend on my daily schedule. This week my last food intake time are:
Day 1-7pm
Day 2-8pm
Day 3-8pm
Day 4-9pm
Day 5-930pm
Day 6-11pm
Type of food-
Every meal includes:
Healthy fats (Eggs, avocado, butter, lard), protein, lots of vegetables.
Snacks- Pecan, cheese, macadamia nuts, protein chips, slim secret chocolates, jerky.
Water, tea, coffee, mct, collagen, ACV, electrolyte, green powder drink.
Activities/ exercises
Side Note: I am in my maintaining stage, I aim to tone and shape, my main goal for me is be healthy.
11 k steps
10k steps
8k steps
9 k steps
11 k steps
10 k steps
14 k steps
1 hr low intensity workout
Lots of movement, I move heavy boxes (stock) on a daily basis, taking care of the boys involves lots of movement. Walk the eldest to school, walk back 5 days a week etc
I personally don't recommend to use the scale for measuring progress because that numbers can fluctuate so much with different factors.
Conclusion- I did this experiment to show how numbers on a scale can change in only 7 days with -
1. Eating out x 2 (One night was a feast night), fasting etc. I have seen lots of people are stressing out when their scale number doesn't move or goes up when you are doing your best!I know what it's like, I was one of them too! But guess what? By stressing out "IT DOES NOT HELP YOU TO YOUR GOAL". Find methods and NSV (Non Scale Victory) to keep you motivated and stay focus❤


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