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How We Invest

How We Invest

I still remember when I first start off keto, besides the millions question mark people had about "how can you survive without carb", the second top question is "Keto is so expensive, you must be rich"
Ok, let's look into "How we invest".
When we go shopping, majority of the time you will see sale items. Chocolate bars, chips are the regular on sale items. We easily just grab those sale items into our trolley and believe they are bargain. Now this is before we learn about "How to nourish our body with the right food".
In the past decade, we have become more health conscious because firstly, we have more resources to get information about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are more educated on how food affects our body. Secondly, we can see an increase amount of people are dealing with health issues and are on medication. I was one of them, a whole cupboard of medication, hundreds of dollars spend per month. Visiting gps, specialists on a regular basis. All the fees are piling up with going through different tests to find out what makes me fall sick all the time. Personally I try to avoid taking medication unless I really have no choice. Especially after beginning my Keto way of eating, I would rather try natural remedies and let the body to build up my immunity. Since I learnt more about how food can affect our health, I began to watch what I put in my body. I make sure the majority of the time I feed my body the food that will make me feel good, not that 2 seconds of pleasure from something which doesn't do any good to my body. Is my grocery shopping bill more expensive comparing to pre-keto? The answer is "No". I actually find it cheaper now because I no longer fall for those unnecessary bargains food and snacks and medical bills. 
Remember eating right is a long term investment for good health. It is never too late to choose live a healthy life and feel good. Being well and healthy is priceless❤

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