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Trust The Progress, find what works for you!

Trust The Progress, find what works for you!

Trust the progress, find what works for you! 
If you want different results, you need to do something different! After 2 kids my body has gone through lots of changes. Most mummies has a goal- get back in shape ASAP after baby is born! However the reality is, not all baby are easy and newborn are usually very hands on! For myself I tried so many things, most of them only work for a short period of time then I will go back to square one. Reason being is we naturally are rushing for results and dive right in hoping we can see the changes immediately, and if results don't show we give up. 
After years and years of trial and errors, I have finally come to a conclusion which is substantial and efficiency for the long run- "Find what works for you and trust the progress!" If you are planning to start something new, do as much research as you can! Yes your friends and family can give you advice, however you are the one that needs to take the action and make the changes! Don't easily give up because plan A doesn't work! There is a plan A-Z, find which works for you! You will only achieve your goal if you take action, be consistent, don't compare yourself to others, focus what will work not making excuses what doesn't. Find a buddy and do it together! Or simply follow inspiring people/accounts who can push and help you! 
You got this! 💪

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