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Break The Numbers Jail

Break The Numbers Jail

"I don't want to look skinny, I want to look and feel healthy" 
Ten years ago, if you asked me what is my goal weight/ size, I would have said I want to be 45 kg (I am 167cm tall), I want to wear size 6 or XS.
After giving birth to my boys, I noticed my body has changed. Bone structure has changed. A couple years ago, I am so proud to say I am out of the "numbers jail". The numbers on the scale, the numbers on clothing, the numbers society uses to determine who I am? All of this is nonsense.
I am now a supporter of using "Non-scale victory" to track progress, because, it is that simple, you can't compare to someone just base on numbers. I am so happy now when I see myself in the mirror, I see me. Not a depress body I never appreciated, even when I was 45kgs. What's the point of setting these number goals when they do no represent who you are? 
Some people look better with a slimmer build, some people looks better with more muscle. The important part is when you look into the mirror, you understand and acknowledge that your efforts (or lack of) is what you see.
You should be proud of yourself on any progress you have made, make sure you push yourself but not into distress. Make sure you take time to appreciate how far you have come to and enjoy the journey. Don't get lock in a number jail, there is so much more life to explore❤

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