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How We Invest

How We Invest

I still remember when I first start off keto, besides the millions question mark people had about "how can you survive without carb", the second top question is "Keto is so expensive, you must be rich"
Ok, let's look into "How we invest".
When we go shopping, majority of the time you will see sale items. Chocolate bars, chips are the regular on sale items. We easily just grab those sale items into our trolley and believe they are bargain. Now this is before we learn about "How to nourish our body with the right food".
In the past decade, we have become more health conscious because firstly, we have more resources to get information about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are more educated on how food affects our body. Secondly, we can see an increase amount of people are dealing with health issues and are on medication. I was one of them, a whole cupboard of medication, hundreds of dollars spend per month. Visiting gps, specialists on a regular basis. All the fees are piling up with going through different tests to find out what makes me fall sick all the time. Personally I try to avoid taking medication unless I really have no choice. Especially after beginning my Keto way of eating, I would rather try natural remedies and let the body to build up my immunity. Since I learnt more about how food can affect our health, I began to watch what I put in my body. I make sure the majority of the time I feed my body the food that will make me feel good, not that 2 seconds of pleasure from something which doesn't do any good to my body. Is my grocery shopping bill more expensive comparing to pre-keto? The answer is "No". I actually find it cheaper now because I no longer fall for those unnecessary bargains food and snacks and medical bills. 
Remember eating right is a long term investment for good health. It is never too late to choose live a healthy life and feel good. Being well and healthy is priceless❤
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My Latest Meals ideas

My Latest Meals ideas

My latest meals-
After receiving many DMS about what meals I have on a daily basis, I hope this blog can help you stick to/get on your Keto journey easier! To be honest, someone like me who is very time poor, the best way to stick to Keto is to keep it simple! If I have time on the weekend I will meal prep, but most day I simply follow these rules-
-Stay hydrated!! I drink minimum 1.5 litres of plain water, 1 serve @ultima electrolytes (800ml bottle), 3 mugs of green tea(which is about 1 litre), a cup or two @beforeyouspeak coffee, a @yogitea at night to unwind 90% of the days
- A type of meat, plenty of vegetables and good fats is on every meal
- Keep keto snacks handy! Ok I must say I have advantage on achieving this 😆
- If you practice fasting, let people around you know so they won't tempt you with food (especially the smell which is a distraction) 
Breaking my fast- 
Usually I will break my fast anywhere between 11 to 2pm. It is depends on how busy I gets and how hungry I am. I do practice IF but I don't starve myself. If I am hungry, I eat. 
Food that I usually break my fast with are:
@blissfitsfood raw chocolate bar, one of my favorite snack in store because they keeps me full till lunch (usually between 2 to 3 pm) 
@locakoco beauty collagen bar. This one is my latest obsession and I just feel happier after I eat them🤣🤣
@musclepharm cheese crisps! In case you still don't know yet😜😜
@gevityrx broth! Curry and burn are my favourite. 
Breakfast- I don't usually eat breakfast, but I do make sure I drink my water/tea during fasting. My dinner is around 7, then I will have a late night snack between 9 to 10. I used to start fasting from 7pm till 11am the next day but now that business is getting busier, so during the day I really don't have much time to enjoy myself (food is my biggest enjoyment 😜😜). That's why I allow myself to have a late night snack. 
Lunch & Dinner
Some of my recent favourites
- Beef Bolognese, using Pete Evans Bolognese sauce or primal kitchen garlic pasta sauce with a salad on the side
-Nacho bowl - Quest chips has come to the rescue with lots of cheese! 
- Soup(Bonafide broth bombs or Gevity broth) add in type of protein and veggies
- Noodle zero add in type of meat plus vegetables
- Salad- Cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pesto almond, can tuna, pimp my salad (spiced sunflower seeds), boiled eggs x 2, cheese
- Omelette (Literally anything left over in the fridge that is keto I will put them in, no waste in this house😁😁
- Steak, mushroom, Brussels sprouts (I have a simple recipe which you can find in an earlier post) 
-Stir fry- Type of meat plus green leafy vegetables. I seasoned most of my food with Dosha smoked salt and cook with truffle ghee (you are missing out if you haven't try yet😁) 
- Antipasto platter! I absolutely love love love this option, so when I get the chance I make sure I will make this! I usually will have these on my platter-
Loka crackers, Keto Kitchen Corner crackers, cold meats, some types of cheese, and dips (Make sure you check ingredients and carb count because they can be very different between brands), olives, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes
I will be doing a snack version by it's own because there are too many 😆😆😆
Hope you will find these useful! Always remember meal prep if you are super busy, so you can stick to keto! And make sure you always have a keto snack in your car/handbag because you will need it when you are in a rush sometime! Electrolytes is definitely a must especially with the weather now warming up!
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Keto Life Reality

Keto Life Reality

Often when people know how old I actually am, they are very surprised. Being a mum of two young kids, to be honest, I never thought I would look like this at the age 40. Rewind back to before I started Keto, I had so many health issues and the fats (I saw in the mirror) that just didn't go away. 
Whatever diets you heard of, I most likely have tried, nothing works for long, and old eating habits set back in. 
Until one day I discovered Keto, a way of eating that I enjoy. This way of eating finally put my health back on track, losing unwanted weight and looking better was a bonus.
Lots of people ask me what do I eat? As I have been on Keto for a while, I will admit I am not always on Keto food 100% of the time. I do occasionally enjoy some "Non-Keto food". However, I never let myself go too far to eat all those high carbs/sugar food, I do know what it will do to me.
Keto is a lifestyle, so occasionally if you have a special event or special occasion happening, don't feel you are being left out! Instead of eating a whole slice of cake and few glasses of wine, you could settle for a couple of spoonful of cake a glass of wine to enjoy. You still enjoy the moment, but not destroy your progress. Whenever you feel like eating non-Keto food, just think of it as a "Special occasion food". DO NOT schedule it in your routine, it's not a cheat meal day that we have all heard of. It is an occasion that you allow yourself to enjoy the moment with your loved ones and friends. So after you enjoy, you go back to Keto. It is this simple.
If you just started Keto, it's highly recommend not doing too many non-Keto occasion just yet, because you will easily get carried away. 
Keto bring so much benefits to how we feel and has been helping many of us to get our health back on track. Remember you are what you eat, be patience, the result will eventually show❤ Be confident and acknowledge each progress you made❤
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Does it really matter when the scale is telling me I am 15kgs away from my "goal weight?

Does it really matter when the scale is telling me I am 15kgs away from my "goal weight?

Does it really matter when the scale is telling me I am 15kgs away from my "goal weight"?
Let me tell you something-
On a Keto or any weight loss journey you are on, the hardest part is not about what food you should eat to help you loss weight; it is the habit, mindset, determination of yours that will lead you to your goal. 
I couldn't wear this coat last year because it was way too tight. This year I can wear it with some room to spare. My rings, my watch band, my bangles, my clothes all are loose on me. My skin, my health, my mind all are much better compared to last year. My face is shaping and my belly getting flatter. This is what I value! I may not have the super model figure but I am so proud and happy with my body! .
This is probably my hundredth time to say this and I know lots of you have noticed already, DO NOT LET THE SCALE DEFINE YOUR WORTH! I am so proud so many of you understand the scale is not the only thing to show your progress! Remember to find things that motivate you on your journey not stressing you! Mental health is as important as physical health ❤
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Keto Life

Keto Life

Sound familiar? I believe most of us at some point of our Keto journey would have said some like this at least once. We blame ourself how we had that apple, we stress out how much weight we will be putting on after that feast, we feel so guilty we had a slice of cake  at our best friend wedding. Let me tell you something, listen carefully, tomorrow it will be a new day, and YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO HOSPITAL AND YOU WILL SURVIVE! Remember, being on Keto doesn't mean you have to punish yourself by not celebrating with friends who aren't Keto, being Keto doesn't mean you should not go holiday and enjoy some non keto food. Being Keto means you are more mindful on what food does to our body, we understand what are the consequences if we eat non Keto food, we may go through Keto Flu, we may feel bloated, we may feel sick, or, just nothing happen. If you decide to live a Keto way of eating, you need to come to understand we all do have some non Keto food on some occasions, but then the next day we will get back on. As long as you don't let the old bad habit creep back in, then Keto life is still on. ✌
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Almond MYLK Cupcakes

Almond MYLK Cupcakes

What's better than a vanilla cupcake with cream and jam? Almond MYLK cupcakes with jam and almond MYLK cream! That's what better 😋

What is so special about this?
Imagine you can have one of the smoothest ,and super delicious cupcake( as my son said) in a keto friendly setting, that only requires basic baking know how.


Cupcake Ingredients (makes 12 standard sizes)

-220g unsalted butter (room temperature)
-¼ cup Naturally sweet Xylitol (½ cup if you like sweeter cupcakes)
-4 eggs (room temperature)
-⅔ cup sour cream
-2 tbsp Almond Mylk
-1 cup almond flour
-1/4 cup coconut flour
-1 tsp baking powder
-Pinch of salt
-(Optional,  but worth it!) Hawthorn Farm Strawberry jam (or any Hawthorn jam flavours).

Almond Mylk Frosting Ingredients

(You will need to Double (X2) the ingredients below if you want to frost like the pictures)

-250g unsalted butter (room temperature)
-50g cream cheese
-½ cup Naturally sweet Xylitol icing sugar
-⅓ cup Almond Mylk



1. Preheat oven to 170°C
2. In a meddium/large bowl, cream butter and Xylitol with hand mixer on low speed.
3. Add the eggs, sour cream, Almond Mylk, and mix until well combined. Do not over beat as mixture can split.
4. Stir in the almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, and pinch of salt.
5. Using an ice cream scoop (to be even), scoop the batter evenly into your muffin tin with cupcake paper.
6. Bake for 30 minutes or until wooden skewer/chopstick comes out clean.
Take out of oven and leave to cool.

7. Use a melon baller or small dessert spoon to scoop a hole out the top of the cupcake. Do not scoop to the bottom or jam will leak. Fill hole with Hawthorn Strawberry Jam.

Almond Mylk Frosting
(make once cupcakes are cooled)

1. Using a hand mixer. In a medium/large bowl mix the butter, Xylitol and cream cheese on low speed for 2 minute and then Increase to high speed for 1 more minute.
2. Add the Almond Mylk and mix for an additional minute on high speed.
3. Place in a piping bag, frost the cooled cupcakes how ever you choose and enjoy! You will!

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What scale do you use to measure your goal weight?

What scale do you use to measure your goal weight?

What scale do you use to measure your goal weight?

Goal weight shouldn't determine by numbers but when you look in the mirror and feel, yes, I feel good, I look good, I am at my goal weight.

My goal weight used to be numbers- 50kgs (I am 167 cm tall). I felt I look the best at that weight. Now my goal weight is, the weight that make me feel good and look good, doesn't matter what the numbers is showing.

I always tell others, you can be at your goal weight but I bet you will eventually still want more. I think we have enough stress and things to worry in life, so why not just take this  measurement out 🚫. Instead, substitute in a scale of how happy we are right now. Non scale victory beat those numbers at all time!
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Our 1 on 1 with JEEERKS

Our 1 on 1 with JEEERKS

I am very honored to be interviewed by one of our amazing supplier @jeeerks. Here is a bit of Keto Direct behind the scene-

JEEERKS wouldn’t be the success it is today without the help of some of our wonderful distributors. This week, we spoke to Vicky from Keto Direct, who sell the JEEERKS range, to find out more about them and the driving force behind their thriving small business.

Could you tell us a little bit about Keto Direct?

We started Keto Direct with the fundamental purpose of helping people follow the Keto lifestyle in a more affordable and convenient way. 

My partner, Peter and I both benefit from the Keto/LCHF lifestyle, as it has made a marked improvement on both our health and energy levels, and we wanted to others to experience the same.

What is Keto all about exactly?

There are quite a few interpretation of the Keto way of eating. Just talking about carbohydrates alone will require an entire afternoon and a big pot of tea!

For us, the Keto lifestyle basically means nourishing our body with good fats and whole foods our body needs, avoiding carbohydrates and sugars, as well as learning how to appreciate our body, so it performs to its' full potential.

What was the driving force behind establishing your business?

We believe in Keto because it benefits us in so many ways, particularly in terms of our health. We have seen so many positive results, which we want people to experience for themselves! 

We hope everyone can see the benefits from the Keto way of eating. It is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change in which you learn to enjoy and appreciate great, healthy food. Let's not live a medicated life dictated by poor food choices, instead, we should be striving to be the best version of ourselves through our diet.

What kind of products can people expect to find on your site?

You will find mostly practical Keto/ LCHF products, but also some interesting and trendy products. We aim to stock a more affordable range of goods that pique our customer's interest. We ensure our product's ingredients is nutritious in order for it to be suitable to the needs of our valued customers.

What were some of the highlights for Keto Direct in 2018 and what does 2019 hold for you?

We started Keto Direct at the end August, 2018, so I guess we are relatively young compared to some other online companies. However, our passion for Keto and ensuring customer satisfaction has led us to where we are today. We have attained a group of loyal customers in a short period of time, which is most humbling. In 2019, we aim to extend our product range and services, proving that when you shop at Keto Direct, we don't just see you as just a customer, but more as a part of our Keto family.

What do you love about jerky? Do you think the jerky market is expanding in Australia?

We love jerky because... I can't find a reason not to! Especially with delicious guilt free jerky like JEEERKS! We love how we can choose both soft or hard texture in a multitude of flavours, (Original Hard JEEERKS is my go to) which is a reflection on how thoughtful Pip is - she really pays attention to the finer details for her consumers.

From our perspective, the jerky market is definitely expanding in Australia as it is a great source of protein and can be used in many different ways. The Keto community has embraced jerkies and JEEERKS definitely ticks all the boxes.

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for small business owners trying to get into the market or establish their brand? 

We believe everyone should have their own style if they want to start their business. You want people to remember you so you need to put the effort in! No matter what products you sell, you need to sell it to yourself first. "Would I buy this? Would I use this?" BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT. 

But, most importantly, have the best people surrounding you with guidance and as hard as it can be at times, constructive criticism.



Facebook page: Keto Direct


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Do it becasue you want to

Do it becasue you want to

Do it because you want to-
When it comes to setting goals that are new, you need a plan, motivation and determination to get there. It is important you understand you "want to do it" instead of " Everyone else is doing it, I need to do it too".  Keep your progress in check, if one way does not yield results look for another, allow yourself to make mistakes but learn from your mistakes. Try not to compare your progress to other, surround yourself with strong, determine and, positive people. This always make your journey easier.
It is hard to stay positive and strong at times, but we all have the ability to make it work, it comes down to "do it now or later?" Later never happens.
If you put the effort in, results will show. Give it time, stop making excuses, do more, talk less.
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