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Confidence doesn't come from your appearance, it comes from how you feel

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Confidence doesn't come from your appearance, it comes from how you feel. 
This photo here, if you asked me 10 years ago, how do I look? I could point out at least 10 things I am not happy about. Today, I accept this is how I look after 2 kids, I focus on how I feel instead of how I look. 
Flipping through magazines, checking social media there are always ideal or desired bodies figures of which we admire. We hope we could look like them! The truth is, even super models, they are not happy with their figures and still see what they consider, flaws. So who set these standards on how we should look? We used to rely on scales to tell ourselves if we are standard. In recent years we have been educated to non-scale victories. 
Now this is the question, what is the perfect body you want? There is no set answer. Beauty comes in all shapes. Not everyone looks better when they are slimmer. What I believe is, if you eat right, exercise regularly, take care and look after yourself both physically and mentally, you feel good, you feel confident, that's much more important then what size you are. 
Being healthy and happy definitely come first. If you could look the way you like, but feeling crappy within, is it worth it? 
Being on a keto way of living I have learnt everyone's body is different. You need to see and appreciate what you have first, then set your goals so you are not working on "Someone else standard, but your own". Remember, this is your life, your body, your mind❤


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