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Keto Life

Keto Life

Sound familiar? I believe most of us at some point of our Keto journey would have said some like this at least once. We blame ourself how we had that apple, we stress out how much weight we will be putting on after that feast, we feel so guilty we had a slice of cake  at our best friend wedding. Let me tell you something, listen carefully, tomorrow it will be a new day, and YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO HOSPITAL AND YOU WILL SURVIVE! Remember, being on Keto doesn't mean you have to punish yourself by not celebrating with friends who aren't Keto, being Keto doesn't mean you should not go holiday and enjoy some non keto food. Being Keto means you are more mindful on what food does to our body, we understand what are the consequences if we eat non Keto food, we may go through Keto Flu, we may feel bloated, we may feel sick, or, just nothing happen. If you decide to live a Keto way of eating, you need to come to understand we all do have some non Keto food on some occasions, but then the next day we will get back on. As long as you don't let the old bad habit creep back in, then Keto life is still on. ✌

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