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Why Keto?

Why Keto?

Hi everyone! Today I want to share some of my own experience and reasons why I chosen Keto as a lifestyle.
Keto has change and help me in so many ways which I couldn't stop spreading the words to others! 
At my beginning stage of Keto journey I only take it like another option of diet , which I been through probably at least a dozen other types. My health was in a terrible shape and I can't afford to live like that with two very young children. One day I start knowing about Keto, did tons of research plus a nutrition course( Yes I am the type need to know what's going on before I committed 😝)before I said yes I will give it a try because it is a diet that is against to what we been taught in the past.
Fast forward 2 years later, I have learn so much about how food can effects us physically and mentally. With Keto Way Of Eating you will notice the changes in how you value food, how nourish your body with whole food can effect you mentally, how much energy you can get with eating the right food, how you discover this amazing version of yourself which you didn't know exist, how you no longer rely on numbers to make you feel your progress is worth it, non scale victory beat all those figures! We also will notice how we can ignore those negative comments from others who don't understand Keto . What matter is we are on it, we feel and see the different, that's all you need to care about. Progress and result are the best way to show people your determination is worth it. So keep your head up, give yourself a pat on the shoulder, tell yourself to stay focus, Keto is worth it❤

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