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What scale do you use to measure your goal weight?

Posted by Keto Direct on

What scale do you use to measure your goal weight?

Goal weight shouldn't determine by numbers but when you look in the mirror and feel, yes, I feel good, I look good, I am at my goal weight.

My goal weight used to be numbers- 50kgs (I am 167 cm tall). I felt I look the best at that weight. Now my goal weight is, the weight that make me feel good and look good, doesn't matter what the numbers is showing.

I always tell others, you can be at your goal weight but I bet you will eventually still want more. I think we have enough stress and things to worry in life, so why not just take this  measurement out 🚫. Instead, substitute in a scale of how happy we are right now. Non scale victory beat those numbers at all time!


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